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How To Immediately Feel Deeper Passion And  More Intimate Pleasure In Your Life... After Just A One-Day Immersive Experience

*Especially If The Intimacy Mastery Retreat Wasn't A Fit Due To Travel, Work Or Finances

Look, I hear you...

You were unable to attend the Intimacy Mastery Retreat due to

- no passport
- no time off work
- no finances
- no childcare

With what I'm about to share, it's going to be different.

Introducing an exclusive, one time-only...

Beige Simple Wedding Event Flyer  (2).png

The venue will be in Newport Beach, California.

Here's what you're getting at each price point - 

$333 - General Admission - The event itself from 12PM - 5PM
$555 - VIP - General Admission + spend the lunch break with Jennelle

$777 - Diamond - General Admission + lunch with Jennelle + dinner with Jennelle
$999 - Platinum - General Admission + lunch + dinner + VIP after-party with Jennelle


During lunch, dinner, and the after-party, you'll of course get the chance to have a conversation with Jennelle, and share whatever you're feeling. 

So if you want to experience greater intimacy in your life, and learn directly from me during this one-day immersion...

Then click on the button below and join me on this wonderful intimate day in May.


I can't wait to meet you! :)

- Jennelle 

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