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How To Immediately Feel Deeper Passion And  More Intimate Pleasure In Your Life... After Just A One-Day Immersive Experience

*Especially If The Intimacy Mastery Retreat Wasn't A Fit Due To Travel, Work Or Finances

Look, I hear you...

You were unable to attend the Intimacy Mastery Retreat due to

- no passport
- no time off work
- no finances
- no childcare

With what I'm about to share, it's going to be different.

Introducing an exclusive, one time-only...

jennelle immersion.jpeg

The venue will be in Long Beach, California.

And The Early Bird Special will end on April 1st.

So if you want to experience greater intimacy in your life, and learn directly from me during this one-day immersion...

Please send me an email, love, at


I can't wait to meet you! :)

- Jennelle 

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