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How To Go From Mediocre Intimacy And A Lack Of Fulfillment To Experiencing Wild Pleasure & Deep Passion With The  Getaway Of Your Lifetime... Using Sacred Principles From Tantra And The Kama Sutra

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Dear Lover,


Do you feel trapped in your own head when you’re intimate?


Are you carrying shame and guilt in your body, which often manifests itself in acts of anger and blame - such as lashing out at your partner, and giving them the cold shoulder over little things?


Or perhaps you’re afraid of opening up as you’re unsure how your partner will react to your “wild side”?

This feeling of insecurity and unworthiness is hurting you.


You're missing something to unlock deeper fulfillment both in and out of the bedroom.


But these thoughts haven’t just appeared out of the blue…


They’re part of a deeper problem that has been boiling beneath the surface for a while…


And it all erupted on that fateful night.

You were having sex with your partner, hoping to re-experience that fiery passion that once rocked your relationship...


Reminiscing over a time when sex meant more than just sex…


Craving for that deep passionate desire that would take you out of your head...


Allowing you to experience godlike pleasure and satisfaction.


You were begging for that night to be different…


But yet again, all you ended up doing was masturbating using each other’s bodies.


After another night of passionless love, you knew deep down that there was more to intimacy than this.


You were desperate to figure out what it was…


Because you understood that giving up on this part of your sex life means giving up on your intimate self, craving to be unleashed.


There was more to experience, more to share, more to feel.

But this “wild side” of yours intimidates you.

You’re not only afraid of submitting to your partner…


But you’re frightened of submitting to that inner sexual animal.


You're not sure whether you could control its vibrancy and power, and you don’t know how your partner is going to react to it.


Will they like it?


Will they be okay with it?


Will they still be attracted to me if I let this animal out?

I’m sure you’re aware that it exists…


This animal is buried somewhere deep, deep down in your body…


And it’s begging to be released. Freed from its chains.


But not only are you unsure of freeing this wild, sexual animal…


You’re also hopeless about ever experiencing fulfilling intimacy again.


Maybe your time has passed.


Maybe you should just accept and settle for underwhelming passion for the rest of your life.


Is meaningless intimacy the new norm?


Is this surface-level hook-up culture that dating apps provide all you’re going to get?

Perhaps so...


Yet you remember your friend talking about this new person they’re dating…

And how their chemistry just feels perfect. Everything about them seems so romantic.


It's all going unbelievably well, and this makes you wonder…


“When is it my turn?”


When is it your turn to feel REAL love for yourself?


It’s been years that you’ve been longing for that intimate spark in your life…


And you’re starting to become tired. Tired of hopelessly looking for that intimate connection.


In fact, you're not just tired. You're exhausted.


Exhausted to the point where you’re ready to give in.


Ready to open the door for permanent dissatisfaction and stress.


Settle for passionless, unfulfilling connections for the rest of your life.


Forever cope with the hurt and disconnection you feel.


It’s almost as if you’re dying inside, broken, with no way of fixing yourself or your life…

Unless You Had A Life-Changing Immersion To Relieve All Of The Anxiety You Now Feel…


A way to discover how true intimacy IS possible, even if you’ve been missing it for years…


Let go of any shame you have surrounding your body, your desires and your intimacy…


Experience a level of nonjudgement and acceptance you couldn’t possibly access on your own…


And feel MORE pleasure and fulfillment than you ever imagined was possible.


No more guessing games.


No more frustrating trial and error.


No more disconnection and awkwardness at the worst possible times.


And no - this is not another sex position, fancy toy, or orgasm technique…


This is an event that’s going to IMMERSE you in love.


You’re going to discover this incredible side of yourself you never even knew existed.


In fact, you’ll have no choice BUT to heal…


Realize that you can still experience intense passion...


And deeply bond with yourself, as well as your significant other.



Your five-day all-inclusive refuge in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Open to both singles and couples!

Hosted especially for YOU, dear Lover. 


YOU, whose wish is to heal, connect and evolve in love.

*important note - there is NO explicit sexual activity, content or nudity at the retreat whatsoever.

Your Teacher

Jennelle Gordon


Jennelle Gordon is a holistic intimacy sexpert, coach, educator, published author and speaker. Recently featured in Daily Mail, Jennelle’s work focuses on healing people’s relationships. She helps lovers overcome the shame they feel around intimacy and sex.

She puts a lot of emphasis on creating stronger polarity between the masculine and the feminine. This helps people ease into their natural relationship dynamic.


“I can empathize and connect with people in a way that is effective. This is what people need - to feel connected and heard. They don’t want to feel judged,” Jennelle expresses in her Daily Mail interview.


Today, at 40, Jennelle is a tantra, yoga, and intimacy sexpert, with years of extensive training in both Thailand and India. Her brand, The “O” Factors, is a holistic process of a spiritual and sensual embodiment. Within, she merges all her passions and teachings into one powerful modality.

This was, in part, motivated in part by Jennelle’s mentor, Tony Robbins! Jennelle encourages a healthy, shame-free view of intimate relationships and sexuality. She helps entrepreneurs live the Outstanding, Orgasmic life both in and out of the bedroom.

But why should you be compelled to seek out the true meaning of love and intimacy?


Why bother flying out to an undisclosed location, potentially thousands of miles from where you live?


You could begin to put things into practice from your own home, right?


The truth is...


Groundbreaking transformation only takes place when you’re immersed in the process.


Think of every time in your life when you’ve traveled...


How exciting was it to discover new locations and walk around never-before-seen places?


How energetic, hopeful and positive did you feel the entire time you were there?


This is what the Intimacy Mastery Retreat recreates.


You’re provided with a container to take you out of your comfortable patterns...


So you wouldn’t fall back into habits that don’t serve you.


You’re welcomed into an environment and IMMERSED in love, intimacy, and connection.


An environment in which you’re able to open up your soul, and dive into the depths of yourself...


Allowing you to find the fears that have been hindering you from finding love.


This is a space where everyone is empathetic and supportive.


You can comfortably walk the path of sexual healing, exploration, and expansion.


You're invited into a safety net to learn why you’re unable to experience spiritual intimacy.


Never again will you feel unable to establish deep connections.


Here's a further idea to help you understand the retreat...


If you’ve ever tried to learn a language, it will take you years to be average at understanding, let alone speaking it.


But live in the country of which you’re trying to learn the language...


And you can become more proficient far beyond anybody trying to learn from home in just a matter of months.


That is the power of a nurturing environment.


When you take part in the Intimacy Mastery Retreat, you WILL heal and grow.


There is absolutely no way you can not.

This is how the retreat has changed the lives of our previous participants:

Intimacy Mastery Retreat has been a life-changing experience. I have learned awesome techniques and tools to connect with others. I've also realized that I was not giving true love to myself. I appreciate the encouragement to stretch my boundaries to grow. 

My favorite activities were morning yoga, walk of love, and eye gazing. Also, the food and staff at Lo Beh are incredible as well. Thank you, Jennelle. I love you dear and pray for continued success as you spread your love, connection, and intimacy techniques throughout the world

Love, Chimene

I now understand what true intimacy really is. It was never sex I was craving, It was connection, touch, and soul. This retreat showed me how important it is to connect and communicate. It is something that everyone should experience. 

Nothing but love, Svi

Gratitude is what I am feeling. Thank you for being the light to others. You challenged me to face parts of me that I needed to overcome so that I could fully evolve into the true divine goddess I am. I learned a lot and now will be applying all I have learned to my life. Thank you again.

Love, Bella


Thank you from all of me!

The love, understanding, and friendship that I have experienced this weekend is beyond anything I could have imagined! 

You guys honestly rock on SO MANY Levels. Its UNWORLDY.


So Blessed to walk this journey with you guys/ladies

Let the fun continue!

Love, Lisa


Vulnerability in a group setting can be extremely challenging for me for I am very private person. But Jennelle made it less intimidating with all the beautiful energy and people that they draw into these retreats.

Love, Sandra


One of the best experiences at a retreat, everything was so thought of with care and affection. I felt so taken care of in every way. All senses were stimulated. I feel like I accomplished what I came for. I feel more feminine and sensual.

Love, Sraddha


Wow! Unexpected! Incredible! Transformative! This is what  immediately comes to mind as I still process my 4-day retreat with Jennelle weeks later.

Jennelle has created a space to allow personal introspection while promoting self-expression in the warmth of a nurturing intimacy I have never felt before.

I continue to reflect, process, and practice what I learned in those 4 days every day and I am still learning more about myself in the process. 

Jennelle masterfully balances the experience in guiding both men and women to let go and become comfortable with connecting with one another. At my age, I thought I knew a lot and left realizing I scratched the surface of intimacy. 

Thank you to Jennelle and my many new friends (my tribe). 

Love, Robert


Amazing! So beautiful.

I’ve always struggled with opening myself up at a deep level with others; I had built walls around my heart that couldn’t be penetrated. But I knew there was a better way to live...

So I was excited to sign up for the four-day retreat with Jennelle Gordon in Playa del Carmen Mexico. I went with no expectations. And wow - what an experience. It truly opened my heart in ways that I could not have expected. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but I made amazing heart-felt connections with total strangers that I know will last a lifetime. It’s so refreshing to spend quality time with others that share my passion for self-discovery and intimacy. 

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is looking to better understand themselves and what true connection really means.

Love, Andrea

Jennelle is a dynamic, highly trained, and skilled coach. I felt at ease and approachable on anything to do with sex. Jennelle takes shame and immaturity out of the equation, by bringing in the healing art of Tantra. Both her Group calls and Retreats attract high-level individuals, deeply attuned to their hearts. They are packed with value & content, and fun, playful exercises. 

Love, Dana

Working with Jennelle is heart-opening and life-affirming. She has an ability to create a very safe space for others to work through their deepest challenges and shadows. I was very impressed with how Jennelle managed our group throughout the retreat, and made everyone feel so safe, welcome, and accepted for who they are. I feel extremely comfortable and confident recommending Jennelle to anyone seeking support in their love life, overcoming life challenges, or wishing for an authentic and real coach who can bring people closer to their own hearts and true self. 

Since attending the retreat, I have noticed a greater ability to connect with others and stand in my power. I also have a deeper awareness of how to make others feel safe including myself. 

Love, Chris

Didn't know what to expect. The tantric world is new to my partner & me. We had no idea how enjoyable it would be. The location was incredible, the food and activities were delicious, fun, fulfilling, safe, inviting, open, easy, new, eye-opening, intimate, and refreshing. 

Amazing event for couples and individuals. We made so many friends. As a couple, we made deep connections and breakthroughs. We laugh and cried. Would highly recommend it.

Love, Matthew